Creativity 101 - Gamified ChatGPT Course

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Become 10x more creative with ChatGPT.

Not another generic course or set of prompts.

Creativity 101 is the comprehensive online gamified + AI course that empowers individuals like you and me to tap into their innate creativity and harness its power to drive innovation, problem-solving, and personal growth.

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey of creativity and innovation?

Imagine a world where your ideas flow effortlessly, where you break through creative blocks, and where you confidently bring your imagination to life.

Picture yourself as a creative powerhouse, overcoming challenges with innovative solutions and experiencing the joy of limitless creativity.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Enroll in Creativity 101 today and start your transformative journey towards becoming a creative force to be reckoned with.

What's included in this gamified 101 course?



  • Lesson 1: Understanding Creativity (70 prompts)
  • Lesson 2: Identifying and Developing Creative Skills (70 prompts)


  • Lesson 3: Overcoming Creative Blocks (70 prompts)
  • Lesson 4: The Role of Collaboration in Creativity (70 prompts)


  • Lesson 5: Applying Creativity in the Real World (70 prompts)
  • Lesson 6: Final Project and Reflection (70 prompts)

Total: 6 lessons


  • 50+ Creativity Definitions
  • Creativity Roadmap
  • 50+ Creativity Tips
  • 30+ Creativity Principles, Strategies, techniques & Frameworks
  • 25+ Creativity Tools and Videos
  • Notion AI features
  • Built-In Gamification

Total resources: 100+


  • 420+ Educational Prompts
  • 100+ Actionable Prompts
  • 1250+ How-To Prompts

Total prompts: 1500+

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What is Creativity 101?

  • Creativity 101 is the transformative online course that equips me with the tools, techniques, and mindset to unlock my creative potential. Combining advanced GPT-4 AI technology with gamification and compatible with Notion, it transforms traditional learning into a dynamic, effective, and enjoyable experience.

What is Notion?

  • Notion is the ultimate productivity app, offering an all-in-one workspace to organize work, projects, and ideas. It's highly versatile, with tools for databases, wikis, notes, and more.

How to download the template?

  • It’s super easy! Just open the template link, then click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace. If you're on mobile, click on the 3 dots menu to show the duplicate option.

Can I share this with anyone else?

  • Yes! Just make sure you are sharing the link to the product description.

Do you offer refunds?

  • You are given a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as a result. Within 30 days of your purchase, you have the option to ask for a refund if you decide this product isn't the right fit for you.

I can't afford it!

  • Send me an email to if you're from a low-income nation, a student, or otherwise stuck in a financial situation.

Can I be your affiliate?

  • Yes, please! You can register here to become an affiliate.

Do you offer Notion consultancy?

  • Yes! I run a no-code agency based in Peru. We help companies automate and systemize their procedures with no-code and AI tools. Contact us at:

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Creativity 101 - Gamified ChatGPT Course

62 ratings
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